About Us

Vertical Investments Lending Group (VILG) is a nationwide lender and specializing in residential investment property financing.  We are also the sister company of Vertical Investments Wealth Planning (VIWP) .  But the heart of Vertical Investments is our commitment to supporting the growth of real estate investors from the very first property purchase, to managing the overall financial planning aspect of a real estate investor. 


Jesse Seidel is the president of Vertical Investments Lending Group and is himself and real estate investor.  He has been an established real estate investor for over 15 years, holding investment properties in the best neighborhoods throughout the United States.

Jesse has worked with thousands of real estate investors and homeowners all over the country, helping more families realize their dreams of homeownership as real estate investors.

When he is not running VILG, Jesse is a licensed and registered Investment Advisor and provides comprehensive real estate financial planning services to real estate professionals and investors with Vertical Investments Wealth Planning (VIWP).  This allows Jesse to give his clients a wholistic financial solution to the needs of an investor with products and services a traditional Loan Officer does not typically have access to.

Our Mission

Vertical Investment Lending Group provides world-class guidance and education on smart and measured lending to those seeking to build wealth through real estate investment. With our clients’ financial goals as the focus, we set them up for success by laying the foundation for future investment strategies and offering mortgage advice for life.

VILG Core Values

-Invest in our real estate investors & build wealth for our homebuyers.

-Encourage teamwork that builds solutions and trust.

-Strive to live from abundance and not scarcity.

-Learn from our mistakes.

-Mentor, support, and challenge each other to be the best.

-Communicate like leaders.

-Treat everyone as members of the VILG family.

-Spend time listening and learning.

-Evolve and adapt with the industry.

-Focus on work-life balance and community involvement.