Our Process

Our proven systems and attention to detail will make all the difference in your lending experience. There is no doubt that our investment pre-qualification process is rigorous, but because we do 90% of our due diligence on the front end of the loan process, it leads to substantially less delay and aggravation in the middle and end of the transaction.

Close with little hassle or stress.

  • Step 1: You provide us with your information and submit your documentation
  • Step 2: The VILG team will review to ensure we have everything needed and reach out with any outstanding items.
  • Step 3: Once we receive all required documentation, our pre-qualification team will get to work on your file
  • Step 4: We send you a congratulatory email with your pre-approval.
  • Step 5: We schedule a call with Jesse Seidel to personally review your real estate investment goals along with some high-level education about your specific qualifications as it relates to underwriting guidelines (This coaching session is one of our strongest value-adds as a company).
  • Step 6: Strategize and implement the appropriate game plan. We’ll help you understand how the acquisition of different properties might be best acquired through, say, a delayed cash out refinance or a standard cash out refinance. There are differences to what choice you make, not to mention the timing of your acquisition(s).
  • Step 7: With the knowledge you’ve acquired through Vertical Investments Lending Group and all our resources, you will be well-equipped to make more knowledgeable decisions. This is a great advantage over the masses, so utilize it.

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