All-In-One First Lien HELOC

What is the All-in-One First Lien HELOC?

Mortgage interest can be one of life’s biggest financial obstructions. The All-in-One First Lien HELOC was developed by homeowners and mortgage professionals as a solution. By combining banking functionality with home financing into one dynamic instrument, borrowers are able to save tens of thousands of dollars and years off their loan.

Designed after popular programs around the world, the All-in-One First Lien HELOC is the nation’s first transactional offset type-mortgage program.

Calculate Your Savings using our Interactive Simulator!

*If you’d like to save your simulator input/results, simply hit the save icon at the top of the page and it will generate a key code you can copy into the ‘get started’ page and all your info will be saved. Should you have any questions, VILG recommends scheduling a 10-15-minute call to review and even recreate the simulator together and discuss.

Home Financing and banking combined:

    • Deposits lower your loan's principal
    • Funds remain available for expenses
    • Interest is calculated on the average daily balance
    • This lowers the monthly interest payments
    • Tens of thousands of dollars can be saved over the life of the loan
    • Mortgage freedom can be achieved in half the time or less